Safety Signs

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These are High Quality safety signs that meet with the Australian Standard AS 1319-1994 and are fully compliant. They are professionally designed digital artwork with prices starting at $2.00. In 5 Easy Steps you can make your Workplace safe: simply >Purchase >Download >Print >Laminate and >Place.

Savvy Signs started this online business for downloading artwork files to help out small business, or any business in fact, maintain a safe workplace on a tight budget! We all know it can be quite expensive to set up a new workplace and/or begin complying with the WorkSafe Compliance Code of Practice. One way Savvy Signs can help is by offering you the option to buy digital safety signs files for your workplace so that you can print from your own desktop PC. Use these safety signs as needed to help protect your employees – and your business. If you have access to an A3 printer, you can print straight from your desktop and then laminate. Alternatively, copy the file to USB and take to your local OfficeWorks or printer, and for a small fee the will print and laminate.

Savvy Signs offer a great range of safety signs which are designed so that you can download and print to save purchasing the more expensive permanent signs. You are able to print right now and use until you can afford to purchase more permanent signs. Alternatively as they do meet with the AS 1319-1994 and comply with the WorkSafe Compliance Code of Practice, they can be replaced if they fade or become damaged by printing again and again.

Why Have Safety Signs?

A safety sign is one which gives a specific message to those who may be exposed to hazards in the work environment. Signs may be used to prevent accidents, signify health hazards, indicate the location of safety and fire protection equipment or give guidance and instruction in an emergency.

While clear symbols can aid understanding, the effectiveness of a sign system can be undermined by linguistic and cultural differences and an inability to understand terminology. Risks can arise when employees who are not familiar with the meaning of a symbol or image or cannot read a sign, misinterpret the sign’s meaning. Therefore, education and training are an essential part of any sign system. Employees need to be taught the meaning and intention of signs and their understanding of that meaning has to be checked.

Remember that safety signs do not replace or reduce the need for proper and ongoing prevention measures.

Employers need to use safety signs in a form which can be understood by all employees. Safety signs need to:
• be clear and consistent – the same sign needs to be used to convey the same message throughout the workplace
• be picture or diagram based where there is a standard picture sign that conveys the intended message it needs to be used
• use simple, everyday language – if a sign is set by regulation and is not in plain language, it needs to be supplemented with a simple version or a picture sign.

Ensure that employees are taught the meaning of all signs during the induction process – training needs to include temporary (ie maintenance, cleaning) and permanent signs.

Where there is a major language group in the workplace and written signs are used, they need to be in bilingual form. (See for some translated examples of common health and safety signs.) When more than two languages are required, it is best to use picture-only signs to avoid confusion.

If written signs are used, it is better to pick one form of sign and phrasing and use it consistently.

Another option may be to provide translations of all signs in a handbook or a separate notice prominently displayed in the workplace.

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Please Note: These are digital files, professionally prepared, ready for you to print!